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If you enjoy challenging your vocabulary skills, our Printable Christmas Word Games may be what you're looking for.  We've added a holiday twist to classics like crossword puzzle, scramble, and word search to bring some holiday cheer to your hectic schedule.  Take a few moments to play these entertaining contests.  All games are print-and-play easy.   

Merry Christmas! 


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Christmas Crossword Puzzle

If you're familiar with phrases and traditions of the holiday, you'll enjoy solving our Printable Christmas Crossword Puzzle.  It's full of fun and colorful seasonal colors.  Even though this puzzle was designed to be more pleasure than agony, it may challenge the vocabulary skills of the very young.  Simply print and begin filling in the squares.  Santa can do this puzzle in ink...can you? 


Christmas Word Search

Our Christmas Word Search is filled with terminology we commonly use during the holiday season.  Can you find all of the terms to create a magical phrase? The words travel up and down and to and fro, but it's easy to do if about Christmas you know.  Simply print and begin your search.  Most of all, just have fun.


Christmas Scramble

If you're an analytical person who loves challenges, you'll enjoy our Christmas Scramble.  All of the terms are related to the holiday and will sharpen your skills.  Go for the bonus word and show everyone your extraordinary abilities while spreading some Christmas cheer.  Simply print and begin unscrambling the letters to form new words.  Most of all...have fun!



Here's a real challenge.  We give you a phrase, you "Turn-a-Phrase" into as many words as you can think of to match our minimum total.  Use the dictionary, if you must, search where you will...but only the best and most persistent can Santa's word list fill.  Simply print and begin revealing all of those hidden words.  Most of all...remember to have fun!





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